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Photography Class Final Project
Student have turned in their final pictures of the year and we have our final winner.... Truth Williams captures 1st place with a picture that was photo of the week in April. 
Construction Class Finishes Project
As the school year winds down the students are finishing their semester/year projects at Everest High School. Construction class has finally finished their project to build a complete shed from scratch. 
Photo of the Week May 19th
Thomea Rash took this picture while out hunting for our photo challenge. Great detail and focus really gives your eye something to examine while looking at this photograph.  
Photo of the Week May 12th
Creepy, slimy, and weird can best be used to describe this photo from Jasmine Armstead... Interesting enough that the name of this photo was "My New Best Friend..."  
Graduation Information
Please look at all of the graduation information for the 2014 class.
Extra Photographs
Throughout the semester it has been hard to post and share all of the cool, unique, and interesting photos that have been taken. So I have added some of these extra photos into a file that you can download. 
Photographers Spring Class 2014
Here are some of our photographers working hard to bringing you some of their wonderful photos... The spring 2014 photography class in action!! 
Photo of the Week May 5th
Photo of the week for May 5th was taken by Jasmine Armstead. Wonderful color and detail bring this photography to life and the more you look at it the more things you see. 
Photo Challenge Winner May 1st
 The photography class and the construction class grouped together for a challenge to see which class was able to take the best photography. Photography ended up winning the challenge with Truth Williams photo but the construction class ended up taking 2nd and 3rd place. Well done by everyone involved!! 
Photo of the Week 4-28
Another wonderful photo taken by Truth Williams when we were outside doing some practicing for the upcoming photo challenge. Sometimes its the subject that makes the photo and in Thuth's photo you can't help but fall in love with his subject.. 
Photo Special Mention
Another picture that was turned in for the shallow depth of field that I just love was taken by Thomea Rash 
Shallow Depth of View Photo Challenge Winner
Our second photo challenge has completed and after the votes have been cast Talela Shephard captured this photo in our shallow depth of field challenge. The play on the colors of the leaves as well as the background made for such and interesting contrast. 
Photo of the Week April 21st
Its not easy to capture a good photo of things moving and in motion, not only did Tlyazian Adley capture the motion she also captured the squirrel in mid-air.. 
Special Mention Photo
Sometimes there is such an interesting photo that I decided it has to be placed on our website under a special mention. Jasmine Armstead created just such a photo and it really captured my attention. I think the editing was done in such a way as to turned an ordinary photo into something much more unique. 
Photo of the Week April 14th
Sometimes its just the simple things that can make a great photo. In this case Tasia Morgan captured a moment that turned out to be very interesting. 
Photo of the Week April 7th
 Thinking quickly Truth Williams snuck up and got this shot of a robin just before it flew away for good.... Being in the right spot at the right time for photography is important to getting a successful photo. 
Photo Challenge Winner 4-10
 Our new photography class for the spring trimester just completed their first photo challenge and the winner turned out to be a picture of a spring robin by Truth Williams. Click the link to see his winning photograph. 
Photo of the Week April 1st
For photo of the week Talela Shephard took this photo and then put some time into editing it to get just the right look... 
Photo of the Week March 24th
This week is spring break for Everest High School and photographer Tasia Morgan shows us a picture of the coming spring... 
Photo of the Week March 17th
With the new trimester starting we have a brand new group of photographers in the spring photography class. This week Jasmine Armstead photo will be honored as "Photo of the Week" 
Photo of the Week March 10th
Alexia Rubin snapped this shot during a trip into the Cosmetology classroom. 
2nd Semester Photo Winner
2nd semester is complete and the votes have been cast... It was pretty clear that 3 photos stood out above the rest, the question was which one? Click the header to find out... 
Photo of the Week March 3rd
 Shahiem Woodie took this photo during one of weekly challenges of Luke Traugott working in the construction class. 
Cosmetology Class Update
The students in cosmetology are ending another trimester learning and studying all of the techniques they will need to know if they wish to make it their career.
Look what they built in Carpentry Class
 Everest High School would like to congratulate all of the students that worked on this years carpentry project (a 8'x8' shed) and it has turned out awesome so far.... Keep up the great work!!! 
Photo of the Week Feb 24th
Sometimes you can find the coolest picture right outside your front door... During Photography class we took pictures in the front parking lot and came away with some great photos. 
Photo of the Week for Feb 17th
 Check out our new photo of the week by Jacob Fisher. 
Photo of the Week for Feb 10th
Check out the new picture taken by Briana Martin. The picture was turned in by Briana for the "abstract" photo challenge for this week..
2014 Governing Board Meetings
Listed below are the 2014 Everest High School Governing Board Meetings.  Information includes the date of meeting; time the meeting begins and the meeting location.
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Upcoming Events
September Board Meeting
Mon Sep 8 2014
October Board Meeting
Mon Oct 20 2014
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