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Extended Learning Plan 2021
Extended Learning Plan
Everest High School
February 17, 2021
Impacted Students
The Renaissance Star assessment will be used to identify students who are at-risk by looking at their reading and math scores and comparing it to the norm. Students with IEP’s, who have not made progress toward meeting their goals, will be considered at-risk. Students who had 13 or more credits toward graduation and have not made significant progress, defined as obtaining 4 or more credits, will also be considered at-risk.
Reading intervention and math intervention programs in place will be used to identify individual student needs along with the STAR testing program. Individual conferences will be held with students to understand the areas they need help in, as well as reviewing APEX program assessments to determine areas of need. End of Course testing scores and progress can also be used to determine individual student needs.
Resources and Budget
Summer Program and Counseling using the Wellness Money for State which has $52,000.00 available
Pay intervention specialist and a counselor the going hourly rate, which is $28-$30 per hour, from 8:00-1:00 twice a week, if students are scheduled.
Summer Intervention Program form June 1st to July 2nd
Student will have access to all of their course work through remote learning. Students will have access to individual tutoring one day a week by arranging this with their teachers as they progress through each course.
Reynoldsburg Branch of Metropolitan Library System
Licking County Library Pataskala Branch
Wellness and Success Funds will be used to provide counseling and career planning with students. Individual graduation plans students develop will be used to monitor progress toward graduation to allow students to attain 21 credits and take required end of course exams. School Improvement Plans will be used as we continue to monitor growth in reading/math, as well as our graduation rate.