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Continuity Learning Plan
As we return to in-school learning activity, all students/staff will be required to wear masks throughout the day. Student work stations are set up six or more feet apart to encourage social distancing. Signs are posted to encourage children to wash hands and satirizing stations are available throughout the building and in each classroom. Our custodial staff has been instructed to take due care in wiping down and sanitizing student work stations daily, as well as frequented areas, like restrooms and the student lounge. In the fall, winter, and spring students will be given diagnostic testing in reading and math to determine their grade level. Interventions will be given to assist children who are behind their respective grade level.  In formation has been given to students and provided to parents concerning COVID 19 vaccinations and CCD recommendations. Students with disabilities will be given all of the accommodations in their IEP to assist them in this transition. We will remain in constant contact with parents to provide assistance to these students should a special need arise. Furthermore, the school will keep in contact with parents to address any other concern they may have about this transition back to in-school learning in an attempt to address any fears they have about the spread of COVID 19.